Web Crawling Services

The world in which we live is continuously changing. Businesses are making better decisions based on an increasing amount of data. Being able to access the right kind of data at the right time is crucial in the decision making process. However, the largest source of data, the Internet itself, has remained a vast sea of inaccessible content until now. Keeping this in mind iSolve Technologies has developed a scalable & distributed Web Crawling Services for automated data crawling, data extraction & information integration from various websites.

Our web crawling & data scraping technology is used to weed out the relevant information as well as build business intelligence. Whatever your business need is, we will make the best customized solution for you. Our web crawling engine is also capable of culling relevant information that is several links away from the start set, while effectively eliminating millions of irrelevant pages that lie in the same radius. The frequency of search can also be defined by the client as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.

It is true that popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo do a wonderful job of crawling the web; however, these results cannot be used as such. One must expend significant resources and manpower to sort and index this data. This is where iSolve’s web crawlers comes into play. Our web data crawling and extraction service will help you to convert useless data into structured and useful content. The entire process of crawling, data collection, sorting and indexing is automated so that all you need to do is give your requirements to us. What you will receive is clean and structured data that can be immediately used for decision making- this at a turn-around time unheard of in the industry. To know more about our Web Crawling Services Contact Us

Web Crawling