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The decade of experience we have in Print Media Monitoring will ensure that you will get the best in terms of quality, accuracy, timeliness and resourcefulness when you work with iSolve. We are currently processing about 30,000 live pages and 50,000 archive pages and can scale this up by 20-30% within a month. Our in-house Press Clipping Services platform i-Clip has been built to overcome the difficulties encountered with software available on the market, ensuring that our customers have a superior experience when working with us.

Our unique features:

  • Experience of working with top media monitoring houses across the world
  • Completely customizable in house platform called i-Clip, which is a one stop shop for all media monitoring companies, handling everything from the end customer database to accounting and invoicing
  • Ability to turn publications around in as little as 15 minutes
  • Unparalleled accuracy-time and again
  • Easily scalable system
  • 24/7 support, with dedicated customer relationship officers
  • No huge licensing fees

Here is a case study of how we turned around the operations of one of our clients – a leading media monitoring company in Denmark.

The client:

A leading media monitoring company in Denmark, with operations throughout Europe.

Their Goal:

To grow 30% year on year and to become the largest Media monitoring company in Europe in 3 years.


  • Operations became unwieldy due to a requirement for large expansion in capacity due to a sudden surge in volume (consequence of aggressive acquisitions)
  • Rapidly decreasing profitability due to a need for high investments to manage higher volumes
  • Reputation loss due to inability to meet committed timelines

Desired outcome from iSolve:

  • Reduce operational costs by 20%
  • Increase revenue by taking over non-customer facing work
  • Achieve and maintain 100% accuracy
  • Retain customers by delivering on time all the time

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Analyzed situation and determined we could enhance deliverables as well as process
  • Set up completely new process to handle 600 new publications/ 10,000 pages per day within one month
  • Significantly improved  TAT from 8 hours to 15 minutes- 2 hours
  • Automated the process and scaled up to meet higher production volumes
  • Cleared all backlogs and made delivery real-time in 10 days
  • 24/7 production, with 100% content accuracy
  • Disaster recovery center to ensure business continuity
  • Customized reports

Our Delivery:

  • During a 4 year relationship, our client has become one of the largest Media monitoring companies in Europe
  • Unparalleled reputation for accuracy and timely delivery
  • Proven capability to scale up at any time, leading to increased revenues of Euros 50,000 per month translating into Euros 3 Million over 5 years
  • Cost savings of approximately Euros 85,000 per month
  • Absolute end customer satisfaction

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Print Media Monitoring