Photograph Archiving:

It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In the publishing industry, photographs accompanying articles carry a pictorial representation about that article or add some additional value to the article. It is very important when an article is preserved in a digital format that the photograph also be preserved in the exact same format as in the original article.

iSolve has considerable experience and expertise in preserving images, as well as converting images into formats desired by our customers. Photograph editing can mean anything from a .jpeg conversion to separating images from captions to merging two images into a single image. We excel in archiving old photographs that are poor in quality into better and enhanced images that are printable in various sizes. Our professional team ensures that the images are restored in terms of color, quality, and pixel resolution to a higher standard, as desired by our customers. Acceptable input formats include JPEG and TIFF files and output formats include JPEG, TIFF, pdf and xml (where captions are captured separately).

Samples of Photograph archiving : dust and scratch removal, improving resolution and color giving pictures in presentable and printable format.

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Samples of Image merging : cropping images, de-skewing, merging and image manipulation.

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Photograph Archiving.
Photograph Archiving