"A web based workflow solution with CRM for Trade & Distribution Companies"
  • One of our customers, India’s largest scanning company, required a dedicated system to support their work flow.
  • This was necessary to deliver exceptional after sales support.
  • They needed to manage their huge customer database, plan periodic machine services and deliver immediate customer support in case of machine repairs
  • iSolve analyzed this case and developed iTrack, with state of the art technology incorporated.

Features of iTrack

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • End-to-End tracking of:
    • Customer Database
    • Invoice, Billing & Collections
    • Real time tracking of machines sold on daily basis, as well as database of all sold machines
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Online tracking of contracts
  • CRM to support huge client base
  • SMS integration (to give real time notifications to customer about service schedules and to the support engineers about customer allocations)
  • Business reports for Sales team
  • Remote Printer Monitoring ( to automatically track usage patterns, toner levels etc in order to notify customers about economy of consumption, refill dates etc)
  • Customer feedback forms incorporated

Benefits to customer:

  • Faster response to customer complaints (all complaints closed within 24 hours)
  • Ahead of time information
  • Better Service
  • Special Attention to all customers
  • No breakdowns
  • No undue expenditures
  • Availability of consumables as per requirement
  • Smooth transactions
  • Continuous Service
  • Customer Feedback regularly available to track performance