"Web based software to enable a paperless office for Law Firms"

iLaw was designed to help law firms to manage their day to day activities such as:

  • Client Management
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Keeping tabs on payments
  • Generating timely payment alerts through email & SMS

It is a web based software that enables a completely paperless office environment in law firms

E-Vault :

  • A premium online client services repository incorporated in iLaw
  • Enables lawyers to store, access, analyze and manage legal information and risk related to each of his/her clients individually
  • Lawyers can create login ids individually for various clients and provide the access information to the client. The client in turn can view all their case information on E-Vault.
  • Provides a secure and environment friendly document exchange platform

Benefits to customer

  • Role based access control
  • Paperless practice
  • Time saving (no paper handling)
  • Timely and Stage wise alerts (lawyers as well as their clients get alerts at various stages of the progress of case)
  • Tracks & maintains complete case history
  • Fast retrieval

Our Strengths

  • If you have a business problem, we analyze, propose solutions, and help you meet your business goals.
  • We can develop software, render services and also optimize processes in order to deliver cost savings and value for our clients