"An image based end to end workflow Solution for Telecom"
  • Developed in order to audit scanned Vodafone Customer Application Forms, track the status online,  to close audit status as soon as possible and to provide business reports as and when required.
  • Based on SaaS model

iFlow – Benefits

  • Single MIS for all Prepaid processes
  • Operational accountability
  • Quickest Customer acquisition TAT
  • 100%  Tracking of Data
  • 100% Process discipline
  • Business Reports at any time
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Paperless office

iFlow – Value iSolve Delivered:

Before implementing iFlow

  • Loss of Euros 185, 000 per month due to reduction of customer base, penalties associated with non-compliance with Department of Telecom (DOT) norms and increased operational expenses

After implementing iFlow

  • Cost savings of Euros 210,000 per month due to increase in customer base, 100% compliance with DOT norms and reduced operational expenses