"A revolutionary clipping platform for Publishers & Media Monitors"
  • 100% developed, owned  and patented (pending) by iSolve
  • End to end clipping solutions for Media Monitoring companies, Licensing agencies and Publishing houses globally
  • Zero dependence on other 3rd party software. Can add / modify functionality at any time, which reduces cost for end customer
  • Scalable architecture – can go up to 1000 + concurrent users
  • Can process all languages - Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, English (US, UK, Australia, Canada), Spanish, Italian
  • Extensive production metrics
  • Customizable reports
  • Role-based access

Comparison Chart: iClip’s edge over other clipping software

iClip – Unique Features

  • Incorporates a downloader, which checks for any new files on specified FTP and downloads them to desired location.
  • Removes unwanted content from PDF and optimizes for clipping
  • OCR implementation for image PDF
  • Incorporates a spread merger, which merges two parts of a document into a single document.
  • Images can be automatically reduced to pre-specified sizes
  • Automatically combines fragmented images
  • PDF output parameters can be pre-set to required specifications.
  • Supports metadata, branding of media monitoring companies, customizable thumbnail generation, real-time edit option, countdown timer to track TAT

Benefits to customer

  • Accuracy of output is 99.9% for Media monitors
  • Enables excellent customer satisfaction
  • Incorporates changes with no downtime or additional cost-leads to huge cost savings for client (Euros 3000-5000 per annum, or more)
  • Designed to address all the issues with other clipping software, hence is the best in the market. But client only pays on a per transaction basis, thus avoiding huge licensing fees and maintenance costs (up to Euros 25,000 per annum).