eBook Conversion Services

In a world where everything has become digital, it is no surprise that books have followed the same trend. Online reading has become very popular and many publishers are opting to have digital versions of all their books published. This is an exciting new phase in the publishing landscape and iSolve is here to help publishers convert their print content into various electronic formats.

ebook conversion services

Over the past decade, iSolve has transformed printed content into various qualified formats such as e-pub, Mobi, Kindle, Daisy etc using our customized tools for electronic publishing. As always, our services are highly accurate, scalable and largely automated.

Additionally, our eBook conversion services have the following features:

  • End to end services
  • Excellent OCR tools delivering unparalleled content
  • Dictionaries in various languages
  • Ability to accept various input formats
  • Image cleaning and editing services as required
  • High-quality¬†conversion services that enhance accuracy
  • A highly well trained and dedicated production and support team

ebook conversion services.
ebook conversion services