About Us

It has been a decade of endless innovation!

Having started as a humble image processing company whose inception happened across a coffee table, today iSolve Technologies caters to the global digital network and is the growth partner of companies in more than ten countries.

We work with some of the best companies in the publishing, media monitoring, scanning, document management, telecom, software development and BFSI sectors. A dedicated team of 500+ employees work around the clock to deliver promised outcomes to our loyal customers. With state of the art infrastructure, an excellent team of world class professionals and an in-house IT and development team, iSolve is completely self-sufficient and is extremely flexible to customer’s requirements. From content digitization to distribution across multiple channels, we have a solution for you.

At iSolve Technologies, we insist on providing exceptional experiences to our customers and are confident that when you have had the iSolve experience, you will never look at business growth the same way again!

Management Team

  • Parthasarathy R

    Parthasarathy R is the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of iSolve Technologies and has 24+ years of impressive credentials in the Imaging and…

  • Chitra P

    Chitra Parthasarathy is the Director of iSolve Technologies and is a leader with an impressive track record in Banking and Financial Services. A…

  • Kishore Kumar R

    Kishore Kumar is the General Manager for Process Design and Technology Development at iSolve Technologies. With a Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters…